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Free Resources Page . . .


This page includes links to documents, presentations, videos, etc., and other websites that we understand offer free information or other services without obligation.  We ask that you share credit with the author of the materials that you choose to share with others.

* Abridged LinkedIn presentation . . . 

Download the handouts below, then  . .

Right-click here to download a 110-min (360x240) video presentation.
This is a 413 Mb *.WMV file.   High-speed connection recommended.

Right-click here to download a 110-min (180x120) video presentation.
This is a 197 Mb *.WMV file.   High-speed connection recommended.

*.WMV file viewer (available free) required.

Please accept our apology for the sub-standard quality of both 110-minute video files. 
The event was recorded at Watermark Community Church by a volunteer in Aug 2010,
and the quality of the video was down-graded before it was made available for sharing.

Click here to download the 48 PowerPoint slides used in the 110-min presentation.

Click here to download the Outline (Speaker Notes) for this 110-min presentation.



Clicking on the icon to the left will provide you with a one-page "KEY to Higher Rankings" Guide that you can use to help improve your ranking on LinkedIn searches for people (profiles) associated with key words and/or key phrases.  Use it as a handout along with the accompanying free video (above) and you'll see that your LinkedIn profile will get included in searches and viewed more often.  You are welcome to share the guide with friends. 
We ask you to share credit with the author (LeaderHelper).  Thank you.




Clicking on the icon to the left will provide you with a one-page "Working Tally Sheet" designed to make it easier for you to track progress as you insert keywords and key phrases into your LinkedIn profile to improve your relative ranking (search engine score) on LinkedIn for those keywords or phrases. The MS Excel 97-2003 worksheet is "protected" to reduce the risk of messing up the format.  If you wish to make changes, you can "unprotect" the worksheet without a password.


  Clicking on the icon to the left will provide you with a one-page "Sample Tally Sheet" showing actual results for a LinkedIn user who followed suggestions in the "LinkedIn KEY to Higher Rankings" guide.  You can see that this user's profile ranks #1 in the world for 13 of 20 search criteria.  Keep in mind that searches including the keywords Dallas, DFW, or Texas are not the same as faceted searched based on location.  These are merely keywords used to reduce the number of returned profiles to be ranked.





A 10-min YouTube video overview showing how to use David's "LinkedIn KEY to Higher Rankings" guide.  This easy to follow video gives you insight into how (and why) to use the guide to improve your ranking on LinkedIn.


* More coming soon . . .

Audio Files:

   David with Bryan Dodge on his WBAP radio show



   ANSI Process Chart (ITTO Details) (60"x80") File size = 2.7 Meg

   Blue Ocean Strategy summary, questions, and suggestions

   Conflict Management 20-point checklist with suggestions

   Due Diligenc Links to websites offering useful ratings

   Earning PDUs for recertification without spending money

   Interview Questions for program/project managers

   FlashCards FourthEdition (B&W) (two per page) File size = 0.8 Meg

   FlashCards FourthEdition (Color) (one per page) File size = 1.3 Meg

   Higher Gas Prices foreshadowing much higher inflation?  * [new]

   Memorial Day for those who think it's National BBQ Day

   Manager-Leader Dichotomy a distilled list of attributes  * [new]

   Monetary Growth cautionary chart for financial planning

   Monetary Growth updated chart for financial planning  * [new]

   Negotiations Worksheet to reach "win-win" outcomes

   Non-profit Capability Assessments (w/checklist) by McKinsey

   Open Letter to PMI Friends (w/opinions) Food for Thought

   Roadmap to a Passing Score on the current PMP Exam

   Parliamentary Overview for managing formal meetings

   PMO Structure & Function  for a Project Management Office

   PMP Work Experience PM work experience narratives

   Project Sponsor Checklist (for sponsor accountability)

   Triple Constraints Will the real ones please stand up?

   TweetMyJOBS Channels for D/FW hiring information

   Virtual Meetings checklist for large virtual meetings


Links to Useful Tools:

   Currency Valuation charts, trends, and converstion tools

   Currency Strength map showing currency strength heat


Music Themes:

   Project Management Music themes for project teams  * [new]


Reference & Study:

   Reference material for Leader Manager Network attendees

   Study materials for PMP Exam Prep workshop participants



   PMP Candidate's Workbook for tallying PM experience hours



   Earned Value Management Student Binder

   Recession 101 vs. Economics 101 (Humor)



   David on YouTube Samples from David's public presentations

   Dr. Brooks on Fox 4-min video on genetically enhanced foods


We welcome suggestions as to how we can make this page useful to you.
Please forward your suggestions to webmaster@leaderhelper.com.