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Free PRIVATE Resources for the "PMP Exam Prep Workshop" sponsored by Career Care. . .

This page includes links to files intended for individuals who attended the free "PMP Exam Prep Workshop" sessions at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas.  The files were prepared by David J. Lanners, MBA, PMP and are provided free for your personal use.  By downloading the file(s), you are giving your word that you will not use the material for any commercial purpose (e.g. publication or paid training of any kind).  We ask that you give credit to the author of the materials if you choose to share them with others.

You should be able to "right-click" on the link to download the file to your computer . . .

Archived Presentation Slides for participants in the 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoon PMP Exam Prep
     workshop sessions delivered at St. Andrew UMC in Plano, Texas,  This is a 9.8 Mb *.PDF file.

                IntroChap 1Chap 2Chap 3Chap 4,  Chap 5Chap 6,
                Chap 7Chap 8Chap 9Chap 10Chap 11&  Chap 12.

Communication Channels illustration depicting the exponential growth in the number of relationships
     as the number of individuals on the project team increases.

Cost Terms and Definitions depicting typical attributes of cost and and cost trade-offs in discussions
     and analysis of cost related to projects and/or ongoing operations.

Crib Sheet for the PMP Exam example of a thorough "brain dump" to be written (from recall) on the
     scrap paper at the testing station as the examinee starts the tutorial.

Describing PM Experience example of "before" and "after" versions of project experience descriptions
     that highlight differenced between "weak" and "strong" PM experience descriptions.

Earned Value Formula Chart uses a simple approach to build an Earned Value formula chart that can
     greatly reduce the risk of recalling EV formulae incorrectly during the PMP exam.

Earned Value Presentation slides from a four-hour executive-style summary course in Earned Value
     designed to give candidates adequate understanding of EV principles for the PMP exam.

Earning PDUs Without Spending Money explains how to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs)
     without listening to lectures or spending months coordinating your efforts with other volunteers.

EAC is BAC / CPI is a one-page proof developed by David Lanners showing that when assumptions are
     expected to remain unchanged, one can simplify the calculation of EAC.

Estimating Precision table depicting relative ranges in precision (tolerances) for typical estimates and
     reminding us that writers sometimes use "accuracy" and "precision" interchangably.

Financials for PMs copy of one of the most frequently requested articles written by David Lanners and
     published by PM Hub dot net to help candidates prepare for the PMP examination.

Interview Questions designed to help candidates and employers conduct structured interviews that bring
     out experience-related information to augment PM credentials and formal education.

Learning Curves executive summary description of the "learning curve" principle at a level of detail that
     is appropriate for candicates preparing for the PMP examination.

Open Letter to PMI members, alumni, and friends in the Dallas, Texas area who are concerned about
     policies, practices, and the general reputation of PMI and/or local chapter(s).

PERT vs Triangular Estimates illustration of the difference between weighting techniques recommended
     for estimates obtained from experienced estimators vs. inexperienced estimators.

Reference Books selected by experienced eduation/training professionals for both importance and value
     in helping candidates prepare for the PMP examination in a cost-effective manner.

Roadmap to a Passing Score table showing the likely distribution of easy, moderatly difficult, and difficult
     questions a candidate should be prepaerd to answer on the PMP examination.

Triple Constraints illustration depicting the classic trade-offs among Scope (better), Time (faster), and
     Cost (cheaper) showing Quality assessed by the customer and Risk as uncertainty.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) illustration using the ANSI Standard definition of a Work Breakdown
     Structure to provide an operational definition of this deliverable-oriented summary.


Color Wall Chart depicting the 42 ANSI Standard Project Management Processes  . . .

Wall Chart depicting ANSI Std Processes with file resolution appropriate for an 80" wide by 60" high wall chart for team rooms.

Color Flash Cards depicting the 42 ANSI Standard Project Management Processes  . . .

FlashCards depicting ANSI Std Processes with file resolution suitable for printing or display on a standard computer monitor.

Color Indexes mapping Color Chart to PMBOK Guide and Heldman's Study Guide  . . .

PMBOK Guide - Map to Chart showing which ANSI Standard Project Management Processes are included in each chapter.

Heldman Book - Map to Chart showing which ANSI Standard Project Management Processes are included in each chapter.


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