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This FREE event is sponsored by "CareerCare" and RSVP is required at http://bit.ly/aGIO4e

 Professional Branding for Career Management

Why your professional brand matters, what social media does to shape it, and how you can leverage it effectively.

Saturday Morning - October 9, 2010

Map to event:  http://bit.ly/1i7fq6       Campus Map:  http://bit.ly/c0IboL

St. Andrew United Methodist Church (UMC)
(1/2 mile east of the Dallas North Tollway)
5801 W. Plano Parkway
Plano, TX  75093-4637

Link to our “Live Internet TV” broadcast: http://www.livestream.com/dougcaldwell

    8:00 –  8:30 AM    Arrival & Sign-In

     8:30 –  8:40 AM   Announcements & Agenda Review (Setting Expectations)
     8:40 –  9:10 AM   Scott Gleason “What comprises our personal/professional 
		   brand?  Why does it matter to hiring managers and others?”
    9:10 –  9:20 AM   (10-min break) - attendees move to a different seat and 
		   have at least one new neighbor at their 2nd location.
    9:20 –  9:50 AM   David Swinney “What does social media do to shape our 
		   personal/professional brand?  How can we monitor it wisely?”
    9:50 – 10:00 AM   (10-min break) - attendees move to a different seat and 
		   have at least one new neighbor at their 3rd location.
10:00 – 10:30 AM   David Lanners “How can we use our LinkedIn profile as a 
		   “focal point” to reinforce our personal/professional brand?”
10:30 – 10:45 AM   (15-min break) - attendees move to a different seat and 
		   have at least one new neighbor at their 4th location.
10:45 – 11:30 AM   Panel Session “Questions from the audience and responses 
		   from the presenting team” with moderator Mike Meyers.
(Free coffee and donuts will be provided for attendees)

We hope to see you there.

Best regards, David

PS: This is an excellent program! You won’t be bothered with commercials or promotions of any kind.

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This is a FREE event sponsored by CareerCare
RSVP is required at http://bit.ly/aGIO4e

 Professional Branding for Career Management

Why your professional brand matters, what social media does to shape it, and how you can leverage it effectively.

Scott Gleason, David Swinney, and David Lanners will help you understand why a personal professional brand is important, what social media does to help shape your professional brand, and how you can leverage social media to help you manage your career.

Doug Caldwell will be producing a “Live Internet TV” broadcast of the program that will allow remote attendees to participate via eChat displayed on a large screen for on-site attendees.

Link to our “Live Internet TV” broadcast: http://www.livestream.com/dougcaldwell

Three 30-minute presentations will be followed by a 45-minute panel discussion with Q&A.  Short breaks are scheduled between presentations to encourage networking.

Map to event:  http://bit.ly/1i7fq6       Campus Map:  http://bit.ly/c0IboL

St. Andrew United Methodist Church (UMC)
(1/2 mile east of the Dallas North Tollway)
5801 W. Plano Parkway
Plano, TX  75093-4637


 “Your Personal / Professional Brand Matters”

(Developing and promoting your professional brand for career success)

Description: Scott Gleason

Scott M. Gleason

Reporting to the CFO, Scott Gleason is the Director, Process & Controls at Archon Group, L.P., a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, where he utilizes his management consulting expertise and global project leadership to support change management, process improvement, risk/compliance management, business continuity, pandemic planning and other special projects.

In his presentation, Scott will cover:

§  What is a personal/professional brand?

§  How can I build a better brand and reputation?

§  How do I promote my reputation inside and outside of my organization?

§  What changes can I make today to improve my brand?

A Harvard MBA with top-tier consulting experience and a background in IT, banking and finance operations and business management, Scott Gleason provides executive-level support to the leadership of Archon,  a diversified global investment management firm with $52 billion in assets under management and over 1,600 professionals in ten countries.  A recognized problem solver, he regularly leads mission critical strategic initiatives involving business transformation.  These assignments are both foreign and domestic.  Recent examples include implementation of an eProcurement system for a US subsidiary that reduced “maverick spend” by millions and a multi-million dollar, multi-year, multi-country IT and accounting outsourcing initiative in India that resulted in a 25% reduction to annual run rates.

A native New Yorker, Scott received a B.A. in Foreign Affairs with Distinction from the University of Virginia and earned his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.  An active alumnus of HBS, He is an emeritus member of the Board of Directors of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association (HBSAA) and past President of the Harvard Business School Club of Dallas.  He was also a HBS Alumni MBA Admissions Interviewer.  Scott is a Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM - Level 1) and co-founded the DFW Knowledge Management Forum.  Since 2007, he has served as a speaker, coach and mentor at St. Andrews United Methodist Church’s Career Care Ministry helping those who are out of work, seeking a job transition, or needing career advice.


“Using Social Media to Maintain Your Brand”

(How social media affects our brand and how we can monitor it wisely)

Description: David Swinney

David Swinney

David Swinney is the Business Development Manager for EW-EMSTGroup LLC, a Dallas startup building a new subscription-based social networking platform.   He has experience in corporate IT, where he managed multiple projects, nurtured an online community of non-IT customers, and was among the first to incorporate social media into internal customer support initiatives.  David’s background also includes blogging, content management, online communications and vendor relationship management.

In his presentation, David will cover:

§  How does Social Media shape my personal and professional brand?

§  How can I efficiently automate my job search and digital imprint?

§  What is Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and how can I use it?

§  What is an RSS aggregator and how can using one benefit me?

David is skilled at communicating with customers and management and developing and nurturing strong relationships.  Since leaving corporate IT in 2009, David has built a network of relationships with local, national, and international social media influencers.  He helps others leverage the power of social media to meet business and professional goals.  With his experience, appetite for learning, and aptitude for social media, he can work independently or as part of a team to effectively represent a company in professional settings.

David is proficient with social networking, social media, social media monitoring, social media training, blogging (WordPress, Posterous and Tumblr) and micro-blogging (Twitter), the use of location-based applications (Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla), corporate and customer communications, customer engagement, customer training, customer technical support, community management, web content management, software licensing, digital photography, and digital photo editing.


“Guide to Higher LinkedIn Rankings”

(Getting your profile to rank higher on LinkedIn searches)

Description: David Lanners,   CFPIM CIRM CMQ/OE CQA CQE PMP

David J. Lanners

As a LinkedIn advisor to professional networkers, David Lanners specializes in helping individuals get higher rankings in LinkedIn searches.   As an independent user who is not affiliated in any way with LinkedIn, Mr. Lanners was free to use his experience and skills to get his own profile to appear consistently among the top ten in any of more than three dozen key phrases.   The approach he developed can be used by anyone who writes at a 9th-grade level and can count from 1 to 100.

In his presentation, David will cover:

§  Where do I place keywords and phrases for maximum impact?

§  How can I efficiently measure and monitor my ranking progress?

§  Which endorsements/recommendations boost LinkedIn scores?

David has refined his analytical skills through more than two decades of delivering executive consulting services and custom (tailored) seminars in operations management, new product development, engineering administration, and project management.   Before his most recent assignment as a senior consultant with NEC,  David directed an international consulting firm and held technical, senior advisory and managerial positions with several major high-tech companies.  David served on the Industry Advisory Council for the SMU School of Engineering and on the Program Advisory Council for LeTourneau University.   His community service includes substantial contributions in numerous appointed and elected positions with D/FW area non-profit organizations and international professional societies.

David received project management professional certification from the Project Management Institute in 1993 and served three terms as president of the 2,500+ member Dallas Chapter where under his creative disciplined leadership more than 1,000 chapter members earned their PMP certification and the chapter tripled in size in less than three years.   David is certified as a quality auditor, quality engineer, and quality manager by the American Society for Quality.   He is also certified at the fellow level in production & inventory management and certified in integrated resource management by the American Production & Inventory Control Society.   David was elected to Beta Gamma Sigma national business honor society and is a member of Mensa and Intertel.   He received his B.S.B. degree from the University of Minnesota and an M.B.A. degree from Harvard.


“Personal / Professional Brand Panel Discussion”

(A candid discussion of audience questions following three presentations)


Description: Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer
Panel Discussion Moderator

(Panelists: Scott Gleason, David Swinney, and David Lanners)


Mike Meyer is a sales and marketing manager for electrical and electronic products sold through independent reps and distributors.  He is experienced in selection, training, and management of domestic and international sales forces; uses his leadership skills to accelerate market penetration.  Mike has managed trade shows events from small discussion groups to designing, procuring, and staffing a $40,000 booth for large venues in the U.S. and Europe.


As a member of the advisory board for a leading industry monthly publication, he keeps his industry knowledge up to date.  He is also involved in the sales and marketing of pre-engineered equipment shelters and portable housing units.  His largest client counts among its international customers a Japanese organization that earlier this year purchased 55 large portable buildings for use by people who are helping with reconstruction in Haiti through the U.N.


As panel discussion moderator, Mike will:

§  Solicit questions from members of the audience.

§  Read the questions to include our remote attendees

§  Monitor time so we adhere to our published agenda

§  Bridge to our closing . . .


Mike is a trainer in the emergency department for a North Dallas Hospital and a long-time volunteer for respected Career Focus Groups in the DFW area.